Article Writing is Hard !!!

Article Writing is Hard !!!

Okay, maybe not that hard to be honest. If you fully understand the topic you're writing about, you simply pour it into text, throw in some images to illustrate your haphazarded mind, structure your thoughts, ensure you're conveying a message, add a conclusion, and voilà, you hit publish. Tu vois? Ce n'est pas si compliqué.

You can already start to notice the problem. While it might not be that hard to put your thoughts in an article, it can be daunting and time-consuming to create one that you consider satisfactory. oui oui?

Still, that's not exactly a problem that can't be dealt with. After all, Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. Well, Except, I do NOT own that kind of time.🤡

Hehehe!!! This series is strictly a learning process for me. It's to reinforce new ideas and concepts I've learned by re-explaining them and putting them down so I can think more deeply about them as I do so. Hence, the quality of the write-ups will very likely be subpar, but they will achieve their purpose: [ME!].

What to Expect

I aim to publish a new article every day, (Don't be surprised if I'm only able to write one each week though). stay tuned for daily updates anyway!

Your Feedback Matters

Feel free to leave comments or questions. Your input can help me correct mistakes for myself and fill knowledge gaps. it will also help me refine the series and make it more useful for everyone.